It's easy to subscribe to any podcast. If you use Firefox or IE7, your browser will allow you to subscribe using a "live bookmark".
Here is the FEED
Click on that, and press the button to 'add live bookmark". Then when you refresh your bookmarks, your browser will tell you when a new show is available.
You can also paste the URL into any RSS reader and it will alert you when new shows are released.

Hey Whorehay! Why no Itunes, amigo?

RFB--Rejected By iTunes

Yeah, really. Rejected by Itunes.
They didn't tell me why. They sent me to their FAQ. Here are my choices:
Technical problems, usually the lack of episodes or the inability to download or play episodes. These problems can almost always be avoided by testing your feed using Subscribe to Podcast in the Advanced menu prior to submission. Requirement of a login or password to access the feed or any of the episodes.
Strong prevalence of sexual content.
Use of explicit language in the title or description of the podcast. Use of explicit language in the podcast when the tag is not set to .
Apparent misuse of copyrighted material or other violation of third party rights. Inclusion of offensive material, such as racist content or child pornography. It must be the strong prevalence of racist child pornography. Darn the luck. Anyhoo, I have since found a way to circumvent those f*ckers. Take a looksee... "A podcast I want to subscribe to isn't available in the iTunes Store

It's easy to subscribe to any podcast using iTunes, even ones that aren't available in the iTunes Store. To subscribe, find and copy the podcast's feed URL. In the "Advanced" menu, select "Subscribe to Podcast" and paste the feed URL into the dialog box." Now, you're wondering what the feed URL is, aintcha? Lucky fer you, ol' Whorehay is here to hep. Now get out there & circumvent!
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