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Podcast Date: 05/01/19
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Howdy Friends!
    Welcome to the Radio Free Bakersfield Spahn Ranch Dance Party websiteroonie!

    If you don't already know, RFB is a 60 minute podcast featuring indie bands & unsigned bands, insigned bands & undie bands.

   60 minutes of twang, crunch & oomph! As country artist Tex Beaumont put it, "I really liked the show. I mean, you know, Mexican surf, French rockabilly. Where else can you find that?" Thanks Tex!

   Our irregular listeners will notice RFB also features garage, punk, lounge, jazz, metal, Hawaiian, country, cowpunk & swing from five continents at last count. Lounge from Poland? We got it. Surf from Chile? We got it. Garage from Switzerland? We got it. Metal from Sweden? We got it. Rockabilly from Germany? We got it. Hawaiian from Austin? Got that, too.

So grab your ass with both hands...
it's time for Radio Free Bakersfield!

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